I’m the designer that always asks “Why create a visual that your audience just looks at?” Why not create something so compelling, so engaging–so palpable, that your audience is forced to ask the question, out of sheer awe, “Is that image looking at me?”

That’s the difference between turning wary viewers into a savvy and engaged audience–by being a designer that shows that I can place you in the hearts and minds of your audience. Throughout my 10+ years in design education, related employment, and freelance projects, I have accumulated skills and experiences that have made me adept at attaching that emotional element that was missing between audiences and businesses. As such, with the ever increasing progression of technology and new modes of artistic expression, I have allowed myself to continually learn, evolve, and progress towards getting an even firmer grasp on that ever-elusive relation between beautiful, eye-catching esthetics and a sincere, emotionally response. It’s that same drive and passion that keeps the audience forever engaged. So let’s talk.

Tools of the Trade

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Corel Draw X7
Adobe Muse
Adobe Edge Animate


  • "Preston has developed very creative designs for several of my clients and they have been more than pleased with the final product. I have high standards for work presented to my clients and continue to use Preston for graphic design products."

    "Annette A. Penney"

  • "UAD Multimedia has been an excellent graphic and multimedia asset that has helped me in the past to accomplish stellar results in both storyboarding for some of my respective clients such as Sony™ and West49 in past commerical spots."

    "Manuel G. Neves"

  • "Preston is bright, energetic, compassionate and genuinely well rounded. His creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to see a project through is what makes him distinctive and successful."

    "Michael Dedrick"

  • "Preston provided my company with an excellent design for our company logo. He was a pleasure to work with, understood my vision and delivered. Truly talented!"

    "Peter Duncan"




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