Artist Development, Marketing & Promotion, and Brand Development.

Grindaholiks Inc.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Matthew Taylor for over a decade. His tenacious business acumen and sincere passion for the integrity of the music and entertainment industry has led him through a varied and interesting path as an aspiring music artist, songwriter, and finally to his current role as founder and owner of his own full-service entertainment company.

Founded in 2011, Grindaholiks is an all-purpose entertainment platform focused on helping industry professionals advance their careers. Grindaholiks is a company that is comprised of a full-service entertainment agency (Grindaholiks Inc.), record label (Grindaholiks Music Group), and clothing line (Grindaholiks Gear).

Grindaholiks offers a variety of services including, but not limited to:

  • Consulting
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Business & Brand Management
  • Client Development
  • Brokering Endorsement Partnerships
  • Licensing
  • Artist Booking
  • PR & Media Coverage
  • Education Workshops & Seminars
  • Radio Promotions

Also, making it a prime component of the company motto to always be “Bridging Industry Gaps™“, Grindaholiks Inc. prides itself on a strong and consistent work ethic and works with some of the most talented and hard working people in the industry that exemplify those traits.

Always working. No days off. Those two sentences, however brief, constitute the core philosophy of what Grindaholiks embodies when referring to its work ethic for such prestigious clients such as Arthur McArthur and Soren Custom.

“Diversification with our services across many playing fields still means (to us) that no matter what your playing at, you still aim to be the best; you go for the win. Always and at all times you bring your ‘A’ game. Our clients aspire to that with their every waking moment and we’ll be damned if we don’t take that same intensity and bring it with us wherever we go and in whatever we’re doing for them.” —Matthew Taylor | Grindaholiks Inc

Grindaholiks focuses on the needs of the client(s) and customizes strategies based on their budgets and are constantly aiming to provide clients with top notch, affordable service. “We apply our honed skill set(s) across a multitude of different areas relating to music, entertainment, and popular culture to get the best possible outcome for out clients in each and every given situation. Settling is not an option. It’s not a contingency plan or a back-up; neither is it a ‘Plan B’.”







“Settling is not an option. It’s not a contingency plan or a back-up; neither is it a ‘Plan B’. We are addicted to success. We are ‘Always Working. No Days Off.’” —Matthew Taylor | Grindaholiks Inc

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